Manage your favourite team

The DOR database has over 90 teams and 4000 players battling it out in 20 competitions

Sign up your players

Control recruitment and contracts. Go for the best but keep under the salary cap.

Organise training

Hire and fire your support staff and organise detailed training sessions for your squad.

Select your team

You'll have to deal with injuries, loss of form or morale and international duty. It's not easy

Choose your game plan

Work out winning strategies, including tactical substitutions and playing the conditions.

Manage extra club teams

Why not manage a French or Celtic League team. With DOR PRO you can manage five clubs

Manage national teams

Choose from 16 national teams and compete in regional events and the World Cup

Challenge your mates

Create and control a private game for you and your mates. Let the rivalry and banter begin.

Get the latest squad

The only way to be certain of getting an up to date real-life squad is with a private game.

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